Euro Bubble Top 30

Euro Bubble Top 30 Countdown Concept

View the majority of European Official Top 100 singles charts and you will find they completely miss the whole point behind such a concept. While not taking a nationalistic approach is great, how is talent originating from a host country in Europe ever going to realise their potential with the likes of American artists like Eminem and Miley Cyrus featuring at the top.

The Euro Bubble Top 30 takes an in-depth look at European artists in host nations to deliver a truly European chart countdown. The Americans are out, Australians too, crazy and adorable Koreans also.

Let's take a quick look at several countries and see if there is worldwide appeal to the European music scene. It is apparent that in most countries these days an X-Factor or similar show is being run.

This in the main is aiding in new musical talent but often the foreign shows feature English speaking artists and song writing, which we feel kind of defeats the object - well only if the song isn't released in the national language also.

Italy's latest X-Factor has seen Mika e Chiara enter the Italy Top Ten in December 2013 with Stardust, only being beaten slightly by U2 in first place. Again in Italy, we find Klingande with Jubel.

These artists are French but have managed to do well in a foreign market as well as others - although a lot easier to do with clubbing music. Take a glimpse at the UK Top 40 and you'll be scrolling a long time before you find a foreign language artist. Though it does occur. In Switzerland, while you will find the typical American and British artists holding up the top ten, in ninth arrives a Belgian popstar and singer Stromae with Papaoutai. Is this the early sign that European music will cross barriers or will the UK market be forever stiff to the foreign lip?

The European Charts from Latvia to Sweden are packed full of enticing music from overseas which should be lauded and it is great such a large percentage of European populations understand and talk English these days.

However there is a great advantage to learning about other cultures and their view points through the music they play. Whether you understand the lyrics or wish to, opening up your mind to catchy tunes from the European music circuit will breathe fresh into the airwaves and it's been a long time coming.

Remember it's not that these artists aren't very good, it's just a constant battle for foreign language sings to get airplay in certain countries. Which is why Bubble Hits wishes to celebrate native language European Top Ten Charts. Social Media