European Bubble Hits Top 10 Compared to UK And America Pt 1

Release dates for albums and singles across the world are usually staged. This allows for a band or performing artist to be in attendance for interviews and performances in each country the single d├ębuts in. However with the internet and web downloads that has become more complicated.

To narrow down the spectrum, Bubble Hits chose one week in December 2013 to show the different listening styles of countries. Now you may well have realised that we take a more Europhile approach to music. This is not some Eurovision dream or a belief in a European Union, simply a quirky way to gauge our musical culture on our continent.

With America being Europe's new world and a concoction of populations and cultures that had already existed for thousands of years, there shouldn't be that much difference between Europe and America. Albeit language. There is also the Latin element. With a large influx of citizens merged from South America.

In this instance again, the parallels with Europe are clear as some parts of Latin America were diversified by Portugal, Spain and France, as well as the UK. So the influence of music from their former invading cultures has a bearing on America's today also.

With the UK, its reach is far more wide, although America does have additional absorbed states that are not of its natural order and their borders with the Caribbean enable more transient citizenship that is akin to the UK, as well as via their Green Visa Card system, it is the UK that gave birth to Empire and Commonwealth.

This makes the UK the ultimate country or state in diversification of cultures. The ongoing relationship with Commonwealth countries and almost literal free movement of 3 billion people leaves the UK susceptible to immigration. You could also pull the Canadian territories into the musical fray with France and the UK having affecting their culture also. This however occurs in the reverse also.

As we travel around the world and the two continents and the three distinctive states of populations, we notice cultural trends. Styles of music, pace of rhythm and beat, language and the barriers put in place. Language is such an infectious disease that some countries put in quotas to restrict foreign language music on the airwaves.

Is there really that much difference between the UK, Europe and the Americas? Let's find out. Social Media