European Bubble Hits Top 10 Compared to UK And America Pt 2

Not surprisingly there is. While most elements of the European culture were transferred to Latin America, the United States of America and the Canadian Territories. The original cultures remained, civilisations merged which gave more scope to musical creation than ever before. The world's accumulative British Empire and Commonwealth effects has brought Reggae, Ska and Drum and Bass from the Caribbean. From Latin states and Latin America illuminative dance themes and fast upbeat tempo and rhythms that are both a joy for the ear drum and great to dance to.

Indeed from America's own absorption of cultures comes soul and Rock 'n Roll and the UK's continual growth in inventivenesses brought the world Punk, Gothic music, Soft rock and heavy metal. Classical music, even five hundred years later is still embedded in music created today from clubbing to easy listening.

The charts assembled which bring us Top Ten lists and a Top 40 on a weekly basis are borne from purchases both online throughout downloads and via the high street on CD and vinyl. The numbers are calculated per country or union based on mass appeal.

Certain parts of America may see high Country styled music, others like inner cities in New York may be more in line with Hip Hop and the UK may see Indian, Pakistan and African music more enabled through second generations setting up shop and entering the music scenes with their own styles and incorporations.

Often these sounds and rhythms go mainstream and break out of the communities they were originally adapted for. Bhangra beats and Oriental themes can have widespread appeal when merged with modern beats and tempos. Catchy lyrics which are repetitive also accentuate the senses of the population en masse. This leaves only European music to find its place again. Classical composers were not constricted by language barriers and so no matter their country of origin, music travelled well. However today the majority of music devised is lyrical based, though it has been seen that even catchy lyrics in a foreign tongue can go mainstream, so why not more often?

As hinted elsewhere on the Bubble Hits website, this is predominantly down to marketing and advertising efforts and s distinct lack of trial and error by the record companies who have controlled the UK and American industries for several decades.

The internet however is breaking down that control and allowing more diverse music to break through. As shown more recently by the South Korean artist, Psy with Gangnam Style, an instant Youtube hit which carried fervour into the mainstream. Social Media